Grandma Jenny

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When my Grandma Jenny died from breast cancer I was about sixteen. I use to spend days on end rolling around her house drinking hot chocolate and eating fresh baked German cookies.  I liked her house as no one told me what to do and she was just there doing her thing too.

When she passed away I received a box of jewelry. It had so much of her energy and glamorous soul. This box lasted me for years. I lost most of it. Or better yet, wore it to death. I tend to do that with jewelry I love. I wear it until I lose it. I have lost or given away a lot of jewelry. Not always easy sticking around me. I can be rough on things I love. 

Since getting that box I have always wanted to amass pretty pieces in jewelry boxes so that one day some little girl in my life would inherit my cast off jewelry and it would inherently change her life too. I have a couple of hidden boxes created from different eras of my life. They hold the dreams of what I thought life would be like when I grew up.

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